Digital Signage

Digital Signage (also termed Dynamic Signage and Narrowcasting) refers to the use of digital technology to send data and images to displays, in places frequented by a wide-ranging public, targeted groups or market sectors. It replaces old-fashioned marketing materials such as advertisements and handouts, providing a more interactive experience to your customers. The content it presents can direct visitors to a specific location or product, provide valuable product information, and entertain customers to guide certain purchasing decisions. Today many fortune 500 companies and others are implementing this innovative technology driven advertising into their business models so they can provide immediate product information to their customer base and a more satisfying customer experience.


Data Management Express (DME) provides experienced Field Service Engineers that can assemble and install your digital displays so that you can begin showing off your latest and greatest products plus services that you offer your clients. DME has provided this service for companies such as: GameStop, Goodyear, Hyundai, Animal Hospitals and Carter Federal Credit Union.  We thrive on the care and diligence to safety that our Service Engineers take when assembling and mounting your new displays.

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Data Management Express
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